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SATURN Transient Recorder

Manufacturer: Amotronics show products

The SATURN Transient Recorder family of AMOtronics offers measurement technology at the highest level. The scalable and flexible data acquisition system is suitable for a wide range of use cases including various high-end applications. SATURN Transient Recorders allow highly precise synchronous measurements with resolutions up to 20Bit and sampling rates between 200kHz and 2GHz. They are designed for fast recording of transient signals and for a time-saving processing of large amounts of measured data


SATURN Satellite - Fiber Coupled Measuring Probe

Alternatively to using built-in measurement modules the SATURN Transient Recorders can be equipped with fiber-optic modules. These modules are connected to external SATURN Measuring Satellites (see pictures) by means of a digital fiber-optic cable. The Satellites are remotely controlled from the SATURN base unit. The pure optical communication and data transfer ensures optimal galvanic isolation between the remote test probe and the SATURN base unit. These so-called fiber-optic transmission lines allow both, potential-free measurements as well as bridging large distances between test object and data recording system.

Use Case 1: Optimal Isolation during High Voltage and High Power Measurements
Use Case 2: Fast and Interference-Free Transmission of Measurement Signals Over Long Distances


SATURN FastScan - 1 Million Averages = Higher Accuracy

"Signal Averaging" is utilized in manifold applications in which the demand on resolution and accuracy cannot be reached due to random noise and a poor signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). If a repetitive signal is being acquired multiple times (several exactly triggered scans in a row) averaging of those scans can nearly eliminate single peaks and white noise while preserving the original signal shape, amplitude, phase, peaks etc. The SATURN FastScan Option makes use of this technology and implements it into the hardware logic of a SATURN Transient Recorder. This leads to a significantly enhanced resolution and improved dynamic range for use cases which require high acquisition rates.

Key Facts of the SATURN FastScan Option

  • Freely scalable sample rate up to 100 Megasamples/s per channel
  • 18 bit ENOB @ 100MS/s
  • 108dB resulting SNR
  • +/-100mV to 100V configurable input range
  • >80 MHz analog bandwidth (<3 dB)
  • Up to 1 million triggered scans in a row with constant measurement period
  • Minimum delay between single scans <2µs
  • Freely configurable triggers
  • 1 GB memory per channel for long recordings (1.28 sec/channel for 100MS/s)
  • Up to 28 differential or single-ended channels
  • 100% synchronous acquisition


  • Up to 240 channels depending on housing and connector type (SMB, BNC, UHF, LEMO ...)
  • Variable configuration with modules for data acquisition, signal output and control
  • 200kS/s ... 2GS/s acquisition rate, 8Bit ... 20 Bit resolution (depending on module)
  • Input range selectable via software (individually adaptable to the sensor)
  • Flexible trigger configuration, including pre and post trigger time (recording duration)
  • Optional fiber-optic-coupled measurement probes (optimal galvanic isolation and bridging of distances)
  • Optional coupling and precise synchronization of multiple systems
  • Robust hardware based on industry standard cPCI architecture
  • Integrated Slot-PC (for use as independent measurement system or complete remote control via Ethernet using a laptop / PC)
  • Reconfigurable hardware for easy updates and application specific adaptations
  • User-friendly software (simple configuration, fast data storage, display and analysis, optional application specific user interfaces and automated processes including report generation)


Application Areas

  • High and medium voltage analysis
    • Circuit breaker tests
    • Fuse tests
    • Lightning pulse analysis
    • Power harmonic analysis
    • Power line faults and transients
  • Military and space flight research
    • Ballistic research
    • Propulsion systems
    • Pyrotechnics
    • Electromagnetic launchs
    • Material tests
  • Automotive engineering
    • Engine analysis
    • Airbag ignition systems
    • ABS breaking systems
    • Injection systems
    • Endurance tests



Input Modules

The following input modules can be used in the chassis depending on number of slots available

SATURN Modul Series Basic 120

The Basic 120 series offers 8 single-ended input channels per module with maximum acquisition rates ranging from 200kS/s to 3MS/s and resolutions between 16 bit and 20 bit. By using 2 modules in one carrier board it is possible to provide 16 channels per slot in a very space saving way. In addition there is also a 4 channel module available which offers either 1GS/s per channel (in 4 channel mode) or 2GS/s per channel (in 2 channel mode) with a resolution of 10 bit.

SATURN Modul Series Fast 150

The Fast 150 series offers differential input channels with resolutions in a range from 14 to 18 bit and maximum sampling rates starting at 1MS/s up to 100MS/s per channel. There are also switchable modules available, which for instance provide 100MS/s per channel in 1-channel-mode and 25MS/s per channel in 4-channel-mode. The bandwidth is adapted automatically according to the settings.

The frontend amplifiers are always differential and are available with 6 input ranges. Data trigger and TTL trigger input can be configured for each module separately. Optionally available is a selectable input impedance (50 Ohm / 1 MOhm) and switchable AC / DC coupling. If needed the frontend amplifiers are also available with an enhanced signal to noise ratio and a bit enhancement through intelligent over sampling.


SATURN Studio II Software

The modern software architecture of SATURN Studio II offers a complete operating environment for the SATURN system.

Transient recorder

The SATURN system is perfectly qualified to collect transient signals. Extensive trigger possibilities in combination with a storage capacity up to 1 GByte per channel make even the most challenging measurements possible.

Data trigger

Each data channel provides complex trigger analysis, the configuration per module allows easy set up. If defining a window trigger, upon reaching the upper or lower level boundary the signal either arms the channel or a trigger event is generated directly.

Formula editor

Evaluation and analysis of recorded signals often require the use of basic mathematical functions. Depending on the amount of data and on the tool, calculations might take some time. In the brand new SATURN formula editor selected functions or blocks automatically compile in the background in a split second to be optimized and to guarantee minimum calculation time.

Multi Monitor Support

In order to handle larger SATURN systems, it is advisable to use several monitors. To allow this, the SATURN Studio II software is, just like the hardware, of a modular concept

Satellites with optical fibers

The SATURN Studio II software handles the Ultimate 160 Satellites seamlessly, the only difference from other modules being the additional display of remaining running time for the battery-operated satellites

Fast data display

The completely revised viewer part of SATURN Studio II offers an unprecedented range of possibilities. The powerful data management even allows the display of hours and days of recordings within a split second, without any loss of information.

Analysis function

The close coupling of powerful data analysis tools allows the user to analyze recorded signals online and to link them to individual reports and calculations. Diagrams, tables, and calculated results can be integrated directly into word processing and spread sheets (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel) by using the popular Windows clipboard or automated macros.
Powerful mathematical functions like FFT, digital filters, smoothing, integration, differentiation or statistical characteristic values etc. are optionally available. Printer optimized screenshots or complete measurement reports can either be printed out directly or saved in HTML or PDF format. Macro and script functions, a fast programming interface and 2D/3D reports further expand the capabilities.

Specific application software

In order to support specific measuring tasks, AMOtronics has developed customized data analysis and complete application specific solutions. Do not hesitate to present your special demands to us. We are happy to offer you a solution that has been customized to exactly meet your needs.

The following modules are currently available:

  • High Power Circuit Breaker Test
  • Lightning & Current Impulse Test


SATURN Transient Recorder Housing Options

The SATURN Transient Recorder families allows You to choose the housing which best suits Your individual use case. In case You do not find what You are looking for AMOtronics also offers custom designs on request.

SATURN FlatSaturn Flat BNC LR

The FlatSaturn is the smallest SATURN Transient Recorder which can be equipped with up to 3 Carrier Boards. This allows a maximum of 16 (BNC) or 48 (SMB) channels or up to 24 connectors for optically galvanic isolated channels, so called satellites. The small size and rugged design makes it an ideal portable high-speed measurement system.

SATURN Cubesturn cube

The SATURN Cube housing offers 7 slots with space for a maximum of 32 (BNC) or 112 (SMB) channels respectively. This mid-size Transient Recorder serves a wide range of measurement applications. It fits on every laboratory desk and is also suitable for mobile applications which require a larger channel count.

SATURN DeskSaturn Desk

The SATURN Desk housing offers 15 slots with a maximum capacity of 240 channels. This Transient Recorder is a high-speed data acquisition system for multi-channel applications. It is suitable for stationary use in laboratories as well as for mobile use cases with high channel count.

SATURN Racksaturn Rack

The SATURN Rack is a full industrial 19" housing. It provides the optimal solution for rack mounting. Each rack can host up to 240 channels without compromising any specification. Several SATURN Transient Recorders can be coupled and synchronized which makes the rack housing a space saving solution for applications with very high channel count.