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ACE Complete Integrated BC-RT-MT Terminal:BU-6517X,BU-6158X

Category: ACE/ACE Bridge
Manufacturer: DDC show products

MIL-STD-1553A/B NOTICE 2 RT and BC-RT-MT, ADVANCED COMMUNICATION ENGINE (ACE) Comprises a complete integrated BC-RT-MT interface between a host processor and a MIL-STD-1553A/B or STANAG 3838 bus. Includes a dual transceiver plus complete protocol, memory management, processor interface, and 4K x 16 internal RAM. Supports a wide variety of interfaces to a host processor and external RAM. Includes many advanced architectural features including automatic BC retries, programmable intermessage gap times, RT subaddress double buffering and circular buffers, a message monitor, and a simultaneous RT/Monitor mode.


DDC's BU-65170, BU-61580 and BU-61585 Bus Controller / Remote Terminal / Monitor Terminal (BC/RT/MT) Advanced Communication Engine (ACE) terminals comprise a complete integrated interface between a host processor and a MIL STD-1553 A and B or STANAG 3838 bus.
The ACE series is packaged in a 1.9 -square-inch, 70-pin, low-profile, cofired MultiChip Module (MCM) ceramic package that is well suited for applications with stringent height requirements.
The BU-61585 ACE integrates dual transceiver, protocol, memory management, processor interface logic, and a total of 12K words of RAM in a choice of DIP or flat pack packages. The BU-61585 requires +5 V power and either -15 V or -12 V power.
The BU-61585 internal RAM can be configured as 12K x 16 or 8K x 17. The 8K x 17 RAM feature provides capability for memory integrity checking by implementing RAM parity generation and verification on all accesses. To minimize board space and “glue” logic, the ACE provides ultimate flexibility in interfacing to a host processor and internal/external RAM.


  • Fully Integrated MIL-STD-1553 Interface Terminal
  • Flexible Processor/Memory Interface
  • Standard 4K x 16 RAM and Optional 12K x 16 or 8K x 17 RAM Available
  • Optional RAM Parity Generation/Checking
  • Automatic BC Retries
  • Programmable BC Gap Times
  • BC Frame Auto-Repeat
  • Flexible RT Data Buffering
  • Programmable Illegalization
  • Selective Message Monitor
  • Simultaneous RT/Monitor Mode

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