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Category: ARINC
Manufacturer: DDC show products

ARINC-429-Microprocessor-Interface. A complete and flexible interface between a microprocessor and an ARINC 429 data bus. It contains 4 Rx's, 2 Tx's and RAM/FIFO's. Chip sets are also available.


DDC's DD-42900 provides a complete and flexible interface between a microprocessor and an ARINC 429 data bus. The DD-42900 interfaces to a processor through a 128 x 32 bit static ram as well as four 32 x 32 receive FIFO's and two 32 x 32 transmit FIFO's. The DD- 42900 can be easily interfaced to 8- or 16-bit processors via a buffered shared RAM configuration.
The DD-42900 supports four ARINC 429 Receive channels (Rx0, Rx1, Rx2 and Rx3) each receiving data independently. The receive data rates (high or low speed) for channel Rx0 and Rx1 can be programmed independently from Rx2 and Rx3. The DD-42900 can decode and sort data based on the ARINC 429 Label and SDI bits via the Data Match Processor, and store it in RAM and/or FIFO's via the Data Store Processor.
The DD-42900 supports two ARINC 429 Transmit channels (Tx0 and Tx1) and can transmit data independently. The transmit data rate can also be programmed independently. There are two 32 x 32 bit FIFO's for each of the transmitters that send out data.


  • Four ARINC 429 Receive Channels
  • Two ARINC 429 Transmit Channels
  • 128 x 32 Shared RAM Interface
  • Label and Destination Decoding and Sorting
  • Four 32 x 32 Receive FIFOs
  • Two 32 x 32 Transmit FIFO's
  • Interfaces Easily to 8- or 16-Bit Microprocessors
  • Built-in Fault Detection Circuitry
  • Free “C” Library Software
  • Available as a Chipset:
    •  DD-00429VP ASIC µP
    •  DD-00429FP ASIC µP

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