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The Only General Purpose Clock Tool Available
Interact with colleagues on familiar terms: Frequency, Amplitude or Time
*Translate domains using the “Rosetta Stone” of instruments
*Address requirements of Telecom, SONET, Military/Aerospace and PC/Server datacom markets
*Meet the widest range of oscillator test specifications


The Wavecrest SSA-20, SSA-50 and SSA-150 Signal Source Analyzers enable clock, PLL and oscillator manufacturers to expand into new markets such as Telecom, SONET, Military/Aerospace and PC/Server datacom by providing all the tools needed to meet a wide range of test specifications in just one, easy-to-use instrument.

Historically, three to four instruments such as spectrum analyzers, phase noise analyzers, jitter analyzers and oscilloscopes would have beennecessary to cover the test specifications required for today's modern clock devices. Since each of these instruments use different methodologies to provide their individual measurements, and each use unique terminology, it has been virtually impossible to correlate results.

Now with the Wavecrest Signal Source Analyzer, just one instrument is needed to measure in three domains, Frequency, Amplitude and Time. The SSA uses industry-familiar terminology and visually recognizable plots so that designers can easily understand and interpret all of the results. The SSA can also translate results from any one of the three domains to the other, making it the "Rosetta Stone" of oscillator analysis instruments.


Standard Timing Measurements and Features
Phase noise, Random Jitter, Deterministic Jitter, Total Jitter, Periodic Jitter, Skew, Propagation Delay, Phase Jitter, Period Jitter, Cycle-to-Cycle Jitter, Pulse Width Jitter, RMS Jitter over a bandwidth, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Damping Factor, Natural Frequency, Lock Range, Lock-in Time, Pull-in Time, Pull-out Range, Noise Bandwidth, PSD of Noise, Poles and Zeros

Model Offset Fc Bandwidth
SSA-20 .04 Hz-Fc/2 .50 KHz-2 GHz 15 GHz
SSA-50 .04 Hz-Fc/2 .50 KHz-5 GHz 15 GHz
SSA-150 .04 Hz-Fc/2 .50 KHz-15 GHz 15/35 GHz


Phase Noise
  • Low noise <-150dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz, 1 MHz and 10 MHz offsets
  • Extremely wide offset from 1 KHz to Fc/2 - well beyond 100 MHz
  • Runs jitter for 12 KHz - 20 MHz and 50 KHz - 80 MHz, standard
  • Customer selectable RMS jitter bandpass with programmable roll-off
Transfer Function
  • Fast transfer functions for 2nd and 3rd PLL and DLL
  • Complete transfer function solution - no stimulus required
  • Graphical views of transfer function, bode plots; poles and zeros
  • PLL characteristics including peaking, BW, natural frequency and others
  • Jitter spectrum with noise floor <150 fs
  • Directly measures Random (RJ), Periodic (PJ), Deterministic (DJ) and Total Jitter (TJ)
  • Phase Jitter, Period Jitter, cycle-to-cycle jitter measurements
  • Output skew and other timing measurements with 200 fs resolution
  • Allen variance and wander with internal reference (1s) 5e10-11 and lower with external reference
  • 15 GHz bandwidth
  • Rise time/fall time to < 25 ps (10% - 90%)
  • Time Interval Error
  • VOH/VOL, overshoot and ring back with 300 µv resolution
  • Full featured oscilloscope with multiple trigger options