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Our wide range of component portfolio varying from MIL-STD-1553 (from single transceiver solution to world...


Data acquisition (DAQ) is the process of measuring an electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current,...


Utilizing advanced UHF technology, the PDMG–R system is designed for large EHV GIS installations. It collects...


Our innovative ePHM(Prognostics & Health Management)with real time sensors address critical fault areas...


Our technologies provide a large variety of solutions to the semiconductor industry. An overview of these...


Data Analysis & Presentation is powerful, intuitive software application for analyzing and presenting your...

Product Image Name Description Category Manufacturer
Hybrid D/R Converter, DR-11525

• Frequency Range: DC to 10 KHz
• Output voltages: 2, 6.81, 11.8 or Scalable down
• Output Power: 2 ma

Digital to Resolver Converter DDC
Surface Mount Transformers

MIL-STD-1553 pulse transformer and custom transformer option are available in SM configuration. Also, offers the option to have us attach the transformers and all other SM components to a customer-provided board.

Surface Mount Transformers BETA Transformer Technology Corporation

The cards of the MC.20xx series are designed for the fast and high quality data acquisition. Each of the up to four input channels has its own A/D converter and its own programmable input amplifier. This allows to record signals on all channels with 8 bit resolution without any phase delay between them.

Sample rates from 20 MS/s - 500 MS/s Spectrum

The digitizerNETBOX DN2.44x series allows recording of one, two, four or eight synchronous channels with sampling rates of 130 MS/s up to 500 MS/s. These products offer outstanding A/D features in resolution, bandwidth and speed as a remote instrument. The powerful A/D amplifier section offers six different input ranges, two input paths, AC/DC coupling and noise reduction filters

Sample rate >= 500 MS/s

SDR14 is a high-speed digitizer in the ADQ V6 Digitizer family with 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs, which makes it ideal for software defined radio applications. The unique combination of dynamic range and sampling rate is enabled by SP Devices’ proprietary interleaving technology ADX.

Sample rate > 500 MS/s SP Devices
SATURN Transient Recorder

The SATURN Transient Recorder family of AMOtronics offers measurement technology at the highest level. The scalable and flexible data acquisition system is suitable for a wide range of use cases including various high-end applications. SATURN Transient Recorders allow highly precise synchronous measurements with resolutions up to 20Bit and sampling rates between 200kHz and 2GHz. They are designed for fast recording of transient signals and for a time-saving processing of large amounts of measured data

Transient/Continuous rugged recorders Amotronics
D/R or D/S Converter, DSC-644

• Frequency Range: 60/400 Hz
• Output voltages: 11.8, 90
• Output Power: 1.5 VA

Digital to Synchro / Resolver Converter DDC
MPT Series

These power transformers are designed and built to meet the rugged requirements of MIL-PRF-27 for use in high reliability military and aerospace applications.

Power Transformers BETA Transformer Technology Corporation