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Our wide range of component portfolio varying from MIL-STD-1553 (from single transceiver solution to world...


Data acquisition (DAQ) is the process of measuring an electrical or physical phenomenon such as voltage, current,...


Utilizing advanced UHF technology, the PDMG–R system is designed for large EHV GIS installations. It collects...


Our innovative ePHM(Prognostics & Health Management)with real time sensors address critical fault areas...


Our technologies provide a large variety of solutions to the semiconductor industry. An overview of these...


Data Analysis & Presentation is powerful, intuitive software application for analyzing and presenting your...

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Advanced Rotational Vibration Sensor
Ridgetop Group’s RotoSense advanced rotational vibration sensor (RVS) enables easy extraction of high-resolution acoustic signatures from rotating components in harsh environments.

Sentinel Motion Ridgetop Group

Fabless designers rely on the accuracy of the process design kit (PDK) supplied by the foundry in accounting for the statistical nature of the offset voltages. However, a foundry PDK does not exactly model all choices of devices. At process geometries of 130 nm and below, the designer requires a tool like PDKChek to accurately determine the relevant parameters for the specific devices used in the design (width and length choices). Figure below describes the PDKChek system-level implementation. The ∆VT, ∆R, and ∆C sensors are available, and the inductance sensor is currently being tested.

DFM Ridgetop Group

The MX.60xx series offers 4 different versions of arbitrary waveform generators for the CompactPCI bus. With these boards it is possible to generate free definable waveforms on several channels synchronously.

PXI Spectrum

The M2i.70xx series of fast digital I/O boards offer a resolution between 1 bit and 64 bit with a maximum sampling rate of 125 MS/s (60 MS/s). All I/O lines of the card can be programmed for either input or output direction. The on-board memory of up to 2 GByte can be used completely for recording or replaying digital data

PCI / PCI-X Spectrum
Single-trip USB Temperature Logger-PICOLITE-16K

The compact and easy-to-use PicoLite USB data logger provides an ideal solution for temperature monitoring throughout the cold chain transportation network. Combined with the Boomerang feature, an innovative solution for automatically emailing trip reports back to the shipper, the PicoLite successfully meets the challenge of combining low cost, functionality and reliability for single-trip data logging.

PicoLite Fourtec
2V Thin film Resistor Network:DDC-55688-1

• Convert 2V single ended input to precision 2V output voltage for Resolver or Synchro to digital converters..
• Available in Ceramic DIP package

2V Resistor Network DDC
Sentinel Silicon

Sentinel Silicon library includes precision measurement structures for:
TDDB - Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown
HCI - Hot Carrier Damage
NBTI - Negative Bias Temperature Instability
Radiation Damage - RadCell Fox (Field Oxide) and RadCell VT (Threshold Voltage)

Sentinel IP Solutions Ridgetop Group

The MC.60xx series offer 8 different versions of arbitrary waveform generators for the CompactPCI bus. With these boards it is possible to generate free definable waveforms on several channels synchronously.

Compact PCI Spectrum