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SIA-4000 series

Configurable with up to 8 differential channels measuring data rates to 15 Gb/s with 200 femtosecond resolution.
Includes full functioning, color gradient 15 GHz sampling oscilloscope.

Signal Integrity Analyser GIGAMAX

The Only General Purpose Clock Tool Available
Interact with colleagues on familiar terms: Frequency, Amplitude or Time
*Translate domains using the “Rosetta Stone” of instruments
*Address requirements of Telecom, SONET, Military/Aerospace and PC/Server datacom markets
*Meet the widest range of oscillator test specifications

Signal Source Analyzers GIGAMAX
SIA 3600 series

The Wavecrest SIA 3600 - the only signal analysis device designed specifically to measure in the time domain - enables you to perform optimized signal integrity testing on clock and PLL applications with speeds up to 4.5 Gb/s.

Signal Integrity Analyser GIGAMAX