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MIC-355M portable recorder and analyzer dynamic parameters

Portable recorder and analyzer,6 slots (24 analog channels)sampling rates up to 216 kHz / channel with a resolution of 24 bits

Vibration Recorder/Analyser Mera

Professional tool for studying dynamic processes and slowly varying, a graphical representation of data and presentation of reports.
WinPOS provides the user interface, with which you can create your own scripts, plug-ins or applications that work with data and algorithms WinPOS, almost any modern programming environment.

Software Mera
MX-224 Universal module for dynamic measurements

Module standard PXI , designed to measure the parameters of dynamic processes ( noise, vibration, pressure pulsations, acoustic signals , etc.

Modules Mera
MX-240 ADC module with built-in charge amplifier

Module standard PXI , designed to measure dynamic signal voltage or charge.

Modules Mera
MX-310 module for dynamic strain-gauge

Module standard PXI , designed to measure and record the signals from single strain gages under dynamic strain-gauge. Input sources can serve as strain gages, external amplifiers, signal converters, sensors or generating type sensors with integrated amplifier and power converter DC two-wire line.

Modules Mera
MX-340 module for strain-gauge statodynamic

Module standard PXI , for amplifying, measuring pickoff signals made ​​by the scheme of the measuring bridge, ½-bridge, ¼-bridge strain gages and single potentiometric sensor connection schemes under dynamic strain-gauge

Modules Mera