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ProChek™ Semiconductor Process Characterization System
This compact, precision system extracts semiconductor parameters from deep submicron parameters faster and more cost-effectively than other method. Process parameters include TDDB, HCI, stress migration, NBTI, PBTI and others.

PROCHEK™ Ridgetop Group

Ridgetop has the technical experience and proven results for critical aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor sectors. Our ADC IP library includes:
Rad-hard ADCs for aerospace and military applications
Non-rad-hard ADCs for commercial applications

InstaCell™ Ridgetop Group

Sentinel Network is a web application that combines network monitoring and prognostic health management (PHM) technologies. The main feature of Sentinel Network is its ability to predict the remaining useful life of network assets such as power supply devices (UPS) and battery backups. This reduces network downtime by permitting condition-based maintenance of these critical assets prior to catastrophic failure.

Sentinel IT Ridgetop Group

CPT1000™ Avionics Troubleshooting Tool
The CPT1000 is a reliable, high performance power system tester. The integrity of main terminals, cables, and power supplies is crucial in power systems. This tool effectively tests and finds faults in power supplies and cabling.

Sentinel Power Ridgetop Group
Q-Star Test

This line of precision current measurement instruments has been adopted world-wide by over 70 firms involved in characterization and manufacturing of ICs across a broad range of electronics applications. A wide array of product capabilities and design services are available.For more information on Q-Star Test products

Q-Star Test Ridgetop Group

Advanced Rotational Vibration Sensor
Ridgetop Group’s RotoSense advanced rotational vibration sensor (RVS) enables easy extraction of high-resolution acoustic signatures from rotating components in harsh environments.

Sentinel Motion Ridgetop Group

Fabless designers rely on the accuracy of the process design kit (PDK) supplied by the foundry in accounting for the statistical nature of the offset voltages. However, a foundry PDK does not exactly model all choices of devices. At process geometries of 130 nm and below, the designer requires a tool like PDKChek to accurately determine the relevant parameters for the specific devices used in the design (width and length choices). Figure below describes the PDKChek system-level implementation. The ∆VT, ∆R, and ∆C sensors are available, and the inductance sensor is currently being tested.

DFM Ridgetop Group
Sentinel Silicon

Sentinel Silicon library includes precision measurement structures for:
TDDB - Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown
HCI - Hot Carrier Damage
NBTI - Negative Bias Temperature Instability
Radiation Damage - RadCell Fox (Field Oxide) and RadCell VT (Threshold Voltage)

Sentinel IP Solutions Ridgetop Group