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Expert Vibro

Vibrations deliver information on the condition of bearings, shafts and machinery and generally have a major affect on levels of quality in production processes. They should therefore be continuously acquired, intelligently evaluated and condensed into meaningful data for monitoring. In critical situations, machinery needs to be shut down within milliseconds.

Vibration Recorder/Analyser Delphin

ProfiMessage devices have been specially developed for use as modular measurement, control and monitoring units. ProfiMessage uses a master/slave concept and has a range of I/O modules to meet the requirements of any system. This enables the problem-free functioning of multi-channel systems.

Delphin systems Delphin

LogMessage devices have been specially developed for use as universal data loggers. A complete package that includes a LogMessage device and the ProfiSignal Go software enables users to immediately begin their measurement and analysis tasks.

Delphin systems Delphin
Expert Key

Expert Key devices have been specially developed for PC-based measurement data acquisition and testing technology. The inexpensive systems are made up of Expert Key hardware and ProfiSignal Go which enable users to quickly begin acquiring their measurement data.

Delphin systems Delphin
Expert Transient

Expert Transient is a data recorder that can operate independently for the synchronous acquisition of transient and periodical processes.

Transient/Continuous rugged recorders Delphin
Top Message

TopMessage devices are used as decentralized units for process data acquisition, as independent units for process & control or monitoring, or for remote monitoring functions.

Delphin systems Delphin