Our wide range of component portfolio varying from MIL-STD-1553 (from single transceiver solution to world first fully integrated 1553 component), ARINC, Synchro & Resolver (smallest and most accurate), motor controller (hybrid drive and controllers for brush, 3-phase brushless, and induction motors or industrial grade motor controller with drive solution for 3-phase BLDC motor) and Transformers (MIL-STD-1553 transformer, Scott-T, Reference and Power transformer) which caters across verticals from industrial to defence to commercial to space grade.

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As the leading supplier of data bus components, we continue to innovate and advance the state of avionics...


ARINC 429,"Digital Information Transfer System (DITS)," is the technical standard for the predominant avionics...


Controlling movement and positioning in motion control systems requires components that can precisely control...


Our Synchro/Resolver-to-Digital (S/R-D), and Digital-to-Synchro/Resolver (D-S/R) microelectronic components...


Having developed the world's smallest transformers including the new DSS series for Data bus communication,...

Product Image Name Description Category Manufacturer
TST-9000 Series

Twin Stacked, excellent CMR isolation MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Transformers; 0.280" Maximum Package Height

MIL-STD-1553 Transformers BETA Transformer Technology Corporation
TSM-2000 Series

Smallest dual, twin stacked mini pulse transformer. Require 1/6th of the board space compared to existing dual stacked SMT

MIL-STD-1553 Transformers BETA Transformer Technology Corporation
Total-AceXtreme®- BU-67301B

• Fully integrated i.e. 1553 protocol, RAM, transceiver and isolation transformer all inside single BGA package
• Processor and PCI interface
• Very low power requirement
• Supports JTAG Boundary Scan

Total AceXtreme DDC
Total Ace:BU-6X8X3T, BU-6X8X3U, BU-6X8X3H, BU-6X8X3I

• World’s First fully integrated MIL-STD-1553 device in small BGA package
• Option for the direct and/or transformer coupled
• 4K x 16 or 64K x 16 RAM
• MIL-STD-1760 RT Auto Boot

Total-ACE® DDC
TGB Series

TWIN GIGABIT fibre Channel Transformer, 0.185” Maximum height, Compliant with ANSI X3T11, Fibre Channel, FC-PH-3, IR/Convection Reflow Compatible 

Fibre Channel and Ethernet Transformers BETA Transformer Technology Corporation
Synchro-to-Digital/ Resolver-to-digital Converter, SDC-630/2/4-A/ST

• Channels: 1
• Resolution: 10, 12, 14
• Accuracy (arc minutes): 2, 4, 8, 21

Synchro / Resolver to Digital DDC
Synchro-to-Digital Converter, SDC-14545

• Channels: 1
• Resolution: 13
• Accuracy (arc minutes): 5.3

Synchro / Resolver to Digital DDC
Switch-mode Transformers

Up to 3MHz operating frequency, low profiles packages, isolation upto 2500 Volts, MIL-PRF-27 Grade 6 Construction, Custom Input & Output Winding's, Available from 0.7 to 15 Watts power option.

SwitchMode Transformers BETA Transformer Technology Corporation