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Our technologies provide a large variety of solutions to the semiconductor industry. An overview of these technologies is provided in the FYRE catalog, which compiles solutions that address

Functionality: InstaCell™ Mixed-Signal Library
Yield Enhancement: nanoDFM™, including PDKChek® and YieldMaxx®
Reliability: Sentinel Silicon™, ProChek™, and Q-Star Test™, SIA & SSA
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Our cores are "Silicon Proven" and have documented reports available. Our cores can be used in IBM, TSMC,...


ProChek™ Semiconductor Reliability Characterization - This compact, precision system extracts semiconductor...


Ridgetop’s nanoDFM technologies apply advanced and patented in-situ test structures and iterative improvements....

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SIA 3600 series

The Wavecrest SIA 3600 - the only signal analysis device designed specifically to measure in the time domain - enables you to perform optimized signal integrity testing on clock and PLL applications with speeds up to 4.5 Gb/s.

Signal Integrity Analyser GIGAMAX

Ridgetop’s audio DAC uses delta-sigma architecture. As shown in the illustration above, the DAC uses a digital interpolation filter, a digital second-order delta-sigma modulator, and a 32-tap analog reconstruction filter FIR. A fourth-order modulator is available to decrease oversampling ratio if the application requires. Applications for this core include audio commercial electronics, industrial control, and automotive.

InstaCell™ Ridgetop Group

Ridgetop’s Independent Die-Level Fab Process Monitoring Tools
The quick identification and correction of yield problems is an imperative issue that can be simply solved by YieldMaxx. Interfacing through an API with independent die-level process monitoring tools, YieldMaxx integrates large volumes of disparate data to provide accurate yield analysis in a matter of minutes. The user is able to correct the disparity faster due to an automated test equipment database.

DFM Ridgetop Group

The Ridgetop DC-DC switching converter/power supply design meets demanding requirements for size, efficiency, and voltage range, and greatly exceeds the performance of similar commercial products.

InstaCell™ Ridgetop Group