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Detectors, or sensors, monitor the systems and help isolate failure precursors that indicate when the high-failure rate components are degrading toward failure. By knowing the progression of failure dynamics for a monitored device, an accurate prediction of remaining useful life (RUL) can be made and an appropriate evidence-based maintenance action, such as removing and replacing the device, can be initiated to reduce the cost of unscheduled maintenance.
Ridgetop has developed three main sensor technologies that allow to collect data and monitor systems for several applications:

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CPT1000™ Avionics Troubleshooting Tool
The CPT1000 is a reliable, high performance power system tester. The integrity of main terminals, cables, and power supplies is crucial in power systems. This tool effectively tests and finds faults in power supplies and cabling.

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SMRT Probe

Ridgetop’s SMRT Probe (Sample Mode Response Technique™ Probe) is a resonant voltage-sampling sensor, shown below, that is attached to a module or assembly to extract degradation signatures. SMRT Probe monitors power systems by injecting a voltage stimulus to measure effective resistance and capacitance, enabling prognostic and degradation analysis. 

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RingDown™ is a non-invasive, stand-alone early warning approach to detecting the onset of component aging in most switch mode power supplies. It snaps onto an existing supply and communicates health status through a test bus. It provides an important capability that supports any electronic health management strategy for high-reliability systems

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