Sentinel Interconnect

Sentinel Interconnect deals with tracking solder joint and cable cracks/fractures.
The methodology is to 
* Treat interconnect if it was a memory
*Continuous or sampled evaluation
*Send dedicated bit streams and evaluate response
*Asses responses and extract intermittent and non intermittent failures
Applications include PCBs in systems, missiles, aircrafts, vehicles and ships to FPGA based microprocessor to PCBs with BGA components

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Intermittent and catastrophic faults in electronic control systems can now be prevented with Ridgetop Group’s SJ BIST™. The SJ BIST (Solder Joint Built-In Self-Test) technology accurately detects and reports instances of high resistance, including intermittent opens, in field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)-to-board interface.

Sentinel Interconnect Ridgetop Group

TSV BIST, entails a combination of innovative techniques for improved verification of the quality and reliability of 2.5/3D IC packaging and for prognostics so that related interconnect operational faults can be determined before actual failure occurs.
This technology is the first to address the difficult issue of 2.5/3D IC package interconnect integrity after assembly is done and when the related devices are deployed in larger systems. The innovation will improve reliability of TSV-based packaging and provide prognostics so that interconnect-related operational faults can be determined before actual system failure occurs.

Sentinel Interconnect Ridgetop Group