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Utilizing advanced UHF technology, the PDMG–R system is designed for large EHV GIS installations. It collects PD data from UHF sensors (couplers) installed on the GIS and transmits the information to software for automatic interpretation and analysis by propriety HQ Software – allowing incipient faults to be avoided and the condition of the long term health of the insulation system to be simply and effectively monitored over the life of the GIS.

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Utilizing advanced UHF technology, the PDMG-RH system, a member of the highly successful PDMG-R family, is designed...


Providing all the answers needed, not just data, at the click of a button Single performance measuring and monitoring...


Determine the condition of your stator winding insulation with our on-line and off-line partial discharge...


Digital fault recorder and dynamic monitoring system with multi functional capabilities all contained in one device. ...


Advanced, Intelligent transformer monitors to control and track accurately all aspects of your transformer.

Product Image Name Description Category Manufacturer
Traveling Wave Fault Locators-TWS MkVI Traveling wave fault locator

Provides exact fault location to one span
A device that provides extremely precise fault location on mulitple lines enabling operation and maintenance engineers to respond rapidly to events to correct defects at minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

Traveling Wave Fault Locators Qualitrol
Extreme Multifunction Recorders- BEN 6000 Digital fault recorder (with options for power quality and PMU)

Continues to record no matter what!
Extreme digital fault recorder and power generation monitor with multifunctional capabilities contained in one device

Extreme Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol
Extreme Multifunction Recorders-BEN 6000 Portable digital fault recorder (with options for power quality and PMU)

Transport to site, connect and gather data – it’s that easy
A portable version of the well established 61850 compliant BEN6000 multifunction recorder offering fault recording, slow scan recording and continuous recording with the option of power quality and phasor measurements.

Extreme Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol
Multifunction Recorders-IDM LSU MkIII SSD Local storage unit

No moving parts - fit and forget!
A new, more reliable solid state platform with flash drive, compact flash and USB support plus options for modem and X.21 interfaces

Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol
Multifunction Recorders-IDM+ Multifunction power system monitor (with options for power quality, PMU and TWS fault location)

DFR, DDR, PMU, TWS FL and Class A PQ in one device! A multifunction substation monitor offering advanced fault recording and long duration disturbance monitoring with options of phasor measurement in compliance to the IEEE C37.118 2005 specification; the most accurate fault location available using traveling wave methodology and Class A power quality in compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A (Edition 2.0)

Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol
Multifunction Recorders- IDM Digital fault recorder (with options for power quality and PMU)

The world’s #1 installed and most preferred fault recorder. Digital fault recorder and dynamic monitoring system with multi functional capabilities all contained in one device.

Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol

Easy-to-use Partial Discharge Monitoring System
MICAMAXX®pda is a partial discharge trending system comprising an on-line monitoring unit and PD transducers, which are fitted to the machine as a permanent installation to enable continuous on-line monitoring of the insulation system. Partial discharge sensors, such as coupling capacitors and high frequency current transformers are available for all HV-machine rated currents and voltages. And of course, they can be installed in hazardous environments

Partial Discharge Monitoring Qualitrol
CT 85HC Partial Discharge Current Transformer

The CT85 wide-band current transformer is designed to acquire partial discharge (PD) pulses from generator or motor windings. Its high saturation current and intrinsic suppression of very low frequencies makes it an ideal sensor for installation around high voltage power cables. The measurement is contact free. No galvanic connection to the high voltage terminals is made.

Partial Discharge Monitoring Qualitrol