Electrical Diagnostics

Utilizing advanced UHF technology, the PDMG–R system is designed for large EHV GIS installations. It collects PD data from UHF sensors (couplers) installed on the GIS and transmits the information to software for automatic interpretation and analysis by propriety HQ Software – allowing incipient faults to be avoided and the condition of the long term health of the insulation system to be simply and effectively monitored over the life of the GIS.

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Utilizing advanced UHF technology, the PDMG-RH system, a member of the highly successful PDMG-R family, is designed...


Providing all the answers needed, not just data, at the click of a button Single performance measuring and monitoring...


Determine the condition of your stator winding insulation with our on-line and off-line partial discharge...


Digital fault recorder and dynamic monitoring system with multi functional capabilities all contained in one device. ...


Advanced, Intelligent transformer monitors to control and track accurately all aspects of your transformer.

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Contact Resistance Meter

Real Time systems Contact resistance Meter is suitable for automatic offline measurement of contact resistance of the switchyard equipments i.e. CB, Isolators, clamp/connectors, joints, in live switchyard up to 765kV level, as per applicable standard testing procedure of Power utility.

Transformer Monitors Real Time Systems
Transformer Ratio Meter

Micro-processor based, single phase, automatic transformer turns-ratio tester with highest measurement Accuracy up to 0.1% ± 2 digits ,turn Ratio Measurement up to 2000  and measurement of phase displacement between two windings from 0⁰ to 360⁰ with resolution of 0.1⁰.

Transformer Monitors Real Time Systems
Winding Resistance Meter

With a fast initial settling time this ohmmeter provides the best overall solution to DC resistance testing of transformers. Single or Dual channel measurement of primary or primary and secondary transformer winding resistance is displayed on a large Graphic LCD /LED screen to 4½ digit resolution.

Transformer Monitors Real Time Systems
Class A Power Quality Monitors-INFORMA PMD-A Performance measuring and monitoring device

Providing all the answers needed, not just data, at the click of a button
Single performance measuring and monitoring device with multi-functional capabilities including Class A power quality and fault recording. 9 (optional: 18/27/36) analog channels available as AC or DC.

Power Quality Monitoring Qualitrol
Upgrades-IDM-E Multifunction power system monitor

Upgrade your current IDM to the most comprehensive multifunction substation monitor!
Digital Fault Recorder upgrade from IDM T3/T5 to the new IDM-E / IDM+ architecture utilising existing wiring.

Fault Location & Recording Qualitrol
Upgrades-BEN 5000 to BEN 6000 Upgrade

Unique migration path to a state of the art platform
A means to upgrade a BEN 5000 to a new BEN 6000 without the need to touch field wiring.

Fault Location & Recording Qualitrol
Phasor Measurement Unit- Q PMU-9/18/36 Phasor measurement units (PMU)

A scalable and modular platform for substation hardened PMUs
A scalable and modular substation hardened Phasor Measurement Units for connection to up to ten three phase circuits to calculate and stream phasors in compliance to the IEEE C37.118.1-2005 specification.

Fault Location & Recording Qualitrol
Traveling Wave Fault Locators-TWS FL-8 and TWS FL-1 Traveling wave fault locators

Provides exact fault location to one tower - improved performance
A device that provides extremely precise fault location on multiple lines enabling operation and maintenance engineers to respond rapidly to events and correct defects at minimum cost and maximum efficiency

Traveling Wave Fault Locators Qualitrol