Transformer Monitors

Advanced, Intelligent transformer monitors to control and track accurately all aspects of your transformer.

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Winding Resistance Meter

With a fast initial settling time this ohmmeter provides the best overall solution to DC resistance testing of transformers. Single or Dual channel measurement of primary or primary and secondary transformer winding resistance is displayed on a large Graphic LCD /LED screen to 4½ digit resolution.

Transformer Monitors Real Time Systems
Transformer Ratio Meter

Micro-processor based, single phase, automatic transformer turns-ratio tester with highest measurement Accuracy up to 0.1% ± 2 digits ,turn Ratio Measurement up to 2000  and measurement of phase displacement between two windings from 0⁰ to 360⁰ with resolution of 0.1⁰.

Transformer Monitors Real Time Systems
Contact Resistance Meter

Real Time systems Contact resistance Meter is suitable for automatic offline measurement of contact resistance of the switchyard equipments i.e. CB, Isolators, clamp/connectors, joints, in live switchyard up to 765kV level, as per applicable standard testing procedure of Power utility.

Transformer Monitors Real Time Systems