Multifunction Recorders

Comprehensive, flexible, updatable and compatible full multifunction devices.

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Multifunction Recorders- IDM Digital fault recorder (with options for power quality and PMU)

The world’s #1 installed and most preferred fault recorder. Digital fault recorder and dynamic monitoring system with multi functional capabilities all contained in one device.

Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol
Multifunction Recorders-IDM+ Multifunction power system monitor (with options for power quality, PMU and TWS fault location)

DFR, DDR, PMU, TWS FL and Class A PQ in one device! A multifunction substation monitor offering advanced fault recording and long duration disturbance monitoring with options of phasor measurement in compliance to the IEEE C37.118 2005 specification; the most accurate fault location available using traveling wave methodology and Class A power quality in compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A (Edition 2.0)

Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol
Multifunction Recorders-IDM LSU MkIII SSD Local storage unit

No moving parts - fit and forget!
A new, more reliable solid state platform with flash drive, compact flash and USB support plus options for modem and X.21 interfaces

Multifunction Recorders Qualitrol