Radiation Tolerant 1553 space terminals

Only DLA certified MIL-PRF-38534 Rad Tolerant components to Class H and Class K electronic components can be used in space application where systems is under high doses of electromagnetic and cosmic radiation and subject  daily to severe temperature fluctuations; and  where failure can be mission-ending and repair is not an option. We have fully integrated 1553 terminals, simple RT and dual transceiver and transformer options available in hybrids and these hybrids are MIL-PRF-38534 qualified by DLA to class levels K, H, G and D, and are DO-254 certifiable.

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Product Image Name Description Category Manufacturer
SP'ACE II: BU-63825

• Direct Replacement for BU-61582and BU-61583
• Radiation Tolerant & Radiation Hardened Versions
• Fully Integrated 1553 Terminal
• Flexible Processor Interface

Radiation Tolerant 1553 space terminals DDC

• Drop-in Replacement for BU-65142
• Rad Tolerant & Rad Hard Versions
• Fully Integrated Remote Terminal with low-power transceiver
• Direct Interface to Processor-less Systems
• High Reliability Screening

Radiation Tolerant 1553 space terminals DDC

• Dual-Redundant, Side-by-Side, MIL-STD-1553 Transceiver/Transformer Combo
• Single Package Simplifies Layout and Improves Reliability (MTBF)
• Compact Ceramic Flat pack Package
• Radiation Specifications:
         • Total Dose: 100 krads
         • Latchup Immunity: 85.4 MeV-cm²/mg

Radiation Tolerant 1553 space terminals DDC