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Data Acquisition Module-TNT ST-SENS

Category: Modules
Manufacturer: TENTACLION show products

Data acquisition module with voltage inputs and 16bit resolution

Analog and sensor data acquisition with 1, 2, 4 or 8 channels per module

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By means of a highly flexible signal conditioning and data acquisition, the TNT-ST-SENS data acquisition module supports the connection of almost all sensors, such as voltage and current signals, strain gages, resistances, ICP transducers, RTD elements and thermo couples. For further signals, such as digital, frequency and counter inputs, control outputs, RMS values, application specific filters, inductive LVDT as well as capacitive sensors, individual solutions are provided.

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  • 4 or 8 voltage inputs
  • Channel-wisely selectable sensor signal conditioning for strain gages, ICP transducers, thermo couples, resistance based sensors (RTD/Pt elements) and currents
  • Programmable channel sample rate from 12Sps to 48kSps (optionally up to 5MSps) with channel bandwidths from 5Hz to 20KHz
  • Programmable gain from 1 to 1024 with input voltage ranges from ±10V down to ±10mV (optionally other ranges)
  • Programmable sensor excitation from 0 to 12V or from 100µA to 4mA
  • Simultaneous sampling with 16bit resolution and DSP controlled anti-aliasing filtering
  • IP68 protection (permanent under water), shock and vibration proof as well as extended
  • temperature range from -30 to +70°C
  • Transformation of continuous data streams from analog to digital converters to LAN/Ethernet for 100% error-free cable or wireless transmission
  • Plug&Play design of compact systems by screwless locking mechanism with indefinitely increasable number of modules
  • Connection of modules takes place by solid jumpers, optionally integrated spring contacts, cable with up to 100m length or wirelessly by TNT-ST-TRCV telemetry transceivers with up to 2km transmission range. Therefore maximum precision due to the placement of the signal processing directly on the sensor and avoidance of long, sensitive analog lines
  • Realisation of data logger applications in connection with TNT-ST-FLASH or TNT-ST-DISK memory modules
  • Modules can be freely combined with all other TNT-ST modules by a linear daisy-chained network topology with unlimited total bus length. Hierarchical and combined structures can be realised by additional TNT-ST-SWT switch modules
  • Arbitrary positioning of PC control centre in the network with connection through LAN/Ethernet port or switch
  • Distributed intelligence by embedded soft-real-time Linux operating system with 2MB RAM (optionally up to 8MB RAM and 1MB flash) for data buffering and storage
  • Synchronisation of all modules in the microseconds range guarantees the simultaneous acquisition of all data from different remote stationary or mobile measuring points by the time stamp principle independently from the effective duration of the data transfer
  • System parameterisation takes place independently from the operating system via an implemented web server using a standard web browser and without any software installation
  • Implemented FTP server for the exchange of measurement and configuration data with the data acquisition software
  • The use of the standardised TCP/IP, HTTP and FTP network and internet protocols as well as optionally POP3 and SMTP enables, in combination with existing gateways, the remote maintenance by authorised users for downloading of measurement data from the “home page” of the module, parameter changes, file transfer to the support centre, firmware updates and optionally data exchange  by e-mail
  •  Numerous ways of mounting for the rapid and simple implementation of the module within the target application (magnetic and vacuum feet, reclosable fasteners, tripods, wall and lattice mounting)
  • Optional shut-down mode with programmable wake-up time for battery powered, temporary long time measurements
  •  Extensive software for data acquisition, analysis, visualisation and storage (MLab, DIAdem, MGraph, µRemus)
  • Wide input range for power supply from 9-36V DC through bus system
  • Smallest dimensions (120x70x30mm and 120x70x58mm without connectors)
  • Anodised aluminium housing

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