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Category: Current Probes
Manufacturer: IWATSU show products

Displays its capabilities in full force in current waveform observation and wide-band applications such as switching power supplies, optical disc manufacturing lines, and semiconductor power devices.

{tab Description}

  • These current probes can be used as-is with oscilloscopes that feature power supply connectors for active probes. Current probes can also be used with oscilloscopes without power supply connectors for active probe, when used in combination with the power supply (PS-26) that is sold separately.
  • Use a jack plug conversion BNC plug adapter for oscilloscopes for which connection to the SS-250/SS-240A is obstructed due to the input BNC connector being built into the external case (Iwatsu product DS-8710/8706).
  • When the SS-250/SS-240A is used with an oscilloscope with a power supply for a probe, if the current being measured is large, the power supply for current probe PS-26 may be required.
  • With the power supply for current probe PS-26, if the current being measured is large, it may not be possible to use two SS-250/SS-240A units at the same time.

{tab Features}

  • Low noise characteristics for easy milliampere order observation
  • Wide bandwidth - DC to 100 MHz (SS-250)/DC to 50 MHz (SS-240A)
  • High sensitivity and wide bandwidth implemented through use of thin-film Hall element
  • Power can be provided directly from the oscilloscope(Models with on-board power supplies for Iwatsu probes: TS-81000, TS-80600, SS-7840H, SS-7840, SS-7830 Models that are no longer available: TS-8500, SS-7825 and others with on-board power supply connectors)
  • Clamp type, enabling easy measurement without having to disconnect the electrical circuit
  • Equipped with a function that provides simple protection for excessive input
  • Can also be used with measuring instruments that do not have a power supply for probes (power can be provided through the optional probe power supply PS-26)

{tab Specifications}

Item SS-250 SS-240A

DC to 100 MHz

DC to 50 MHz

Maximum input current Maximum input range 30 A rms 30 A rms
Maximum peak current 50 A peak, non-continuous

50 A peak, non-continuous
50 A peak at pulse width <= 10 µs

 Output sensitivity  0.1 V/A  
 Sensitivity accuracy


•±1.0% of reading ±10 mA for probes only (in the range from 0 to 30 A rms, DC, and AC 45 to 66 Hz)
•±2.0% of reading for probes only (50 A peak or less and over 30 A rms, DC, and in the range of AC 45 to 66 Hz)

 Noise     2.5 mA rms or less (observation using an oscilloscope with a 20 MHz band) 
  Power consumption  5.3 VA max.  5.6 VA max.
 Power supply voltage    ±12 V ±0.5 V
Operating temperature and humidity  

0°C to +40°C, 80% RH or less
(no condensation)  

Storage temperature and humidity  

-10°C to +50°C, 80% RH or less
(no condensation)  

Operating elevation   2000 m or less (air pressure approx. 79 kPa), indoor  
 Effects of external magnetic field 

 5 mA max. or equivalent(in DC, 60 Hz, 400 A/m AC magnetic field)

 20 mA max. or equivalent (in DC, 60 Hz, 400 A/m AC magnetic field)
Maximum usable circuit voltage Maximum usable circuit voltage 300 V, CAT I (insulating conductor)
  Conductor diameter that can be measured ø 5 mm
  Cable length  Sensor cable   Approx. 1.5 m
 Power cable   Approx. 1 m
  Size  Sensor part   Approx. 175 (W) x 18 (H) x 40 (D) mm
 Termination part   Approx. 27 (W) x 55 (H) x 18 (D) mm
 Weight   Approx. 240 g  Approx. 230 g
  Complied with standards  Safety  EN61010-2-032:2002,Measurement category I (expected overvoltage: 1500 V),Pollution degree: 2
 EMC  EN61326:1997+A1:1988+A2:2001 
 Accessories   Instruction manual (1), hard case (1)  Instruction manual (1),soft case (1)