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DMS PDMG-R Partial discharge monitor for EHV GIS

Manufacturer: Qualitrol show products

Utilizing advanced UHF technology, the PDMG–R system is designed for large EHV GIS installations. It collects PD data from UHF sensors (couplers) installed on the GIS and transmits the information to software for automatic interpretation and analysis by propriety HQ Software – allowing incipient faults to be avoided and the condition of the long term health of the insulation system to be simply and effectively monitored over the life of the GIS

{tab Description}

UHF couplers installed throughout the gas insulated switchgear (GIS) detect partial discharge events and transmit these to an Optical Converter Unit (OCU) where the signal is conditioned and digitized before being transmitted to the Equipment Cabinet. Here proprietary algorithms are applied to correctly identify partial discharge events and reject interference from broadcast signals or discharges in adjacent air-insulated equipment. Detected partial discharge events are stored, flagged and alarmed allowing for timely corrective actions to be initiated. Remote access to all data allows GIS experts to assist in analysis and planning of actions at short notice

{tab Features}

Automatic PD fault classification,Robust design allows for reliable operation in almost any environment,Flexible installation options

{tab Applications}

The PDMG-R system is used for continuous, online partial discharge monitoring and analysis on permanently installed applications. For use on all makes of GIS in EHV transmission installations and on critical systems such as in power plants and large industrial consumers. Provides digital and analog (SCADA) outputs for remote alarm as well as remote data access to all diagnostic information.