Data recorders

Data recorders is an electronic device that records data over time or in relation to location either with a built in instrument or sensor or via external instruments and sensors.

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Our solutions for wireless(telemetry) and rugged field applications(wirelss CAN bus telemetry and wireless...


Vibration Recording made simple Abnormal vibrations are often the first indication of a potential machine...


We provide solutions for scalable and flexible data acquisition system. Suitable for all of your mechanical,...

Product Image Name Description Category Manufacturer
Data Acquisition Module-TNT ST-SENS

 Data acquisition module with voltage inputs and 16bit resolution

Analog and sensor data acquisition with 1, 2, 4 or 8 channels per module

Expert Vibro

Vibrations deliver information on the condition of bearings, shafts and machinery and generally have a major affect on levels of quality in production processes. They should therefore be continuously acquired, intelligently evaluated and condensed into meaningful data for monitoring. In critical situations, machinery needs to be shut down within milliseconds.

Vibration Recorder/Analyser Delphin
MIC-355M portable recorder and analyzer dynamic parameters

Portable recorder and analyzer,6 slots (24 analog channels)sampling rates up to 216 kHz / channel with a resolution of 24 bits

Vibration Recorder/Analyser Mera
SATURN Transient Recorder

The SATURN Transient Recorder family of AMOtronics offers measurement technology at the highest level. The scalable and flexible data acquisition system is suitable for a wide range of use cases including various high-end applications. SATURN Transient Recorders allow highly precise synchronous measurements with resolutions up to 20Bit and sampling rates between 200kHz and 2GHz. They are designed for fast recording of transient signals and for a time-saving processing of large amounts of measured data

Transient/Continuous rugged recorders Amotronics
Automotive scope ATS5004D

The compact and powerful Automotive scope ATS5004D features a SureConnect connection test and resistance measurement, making it the perfect tool for an automotive engineer to diagnose automotive problems.

Automotive Diagnostis Kit Tiepie
Omnidirectional antenna-TNT-ANT

Omnidirectional antenna-TNT-ANT

Accessories TENTACLION

Professional tool for studying dynamic processes and slowly varying, a graphical representation of data and presentation of reports.
WinPOS provides the user interface, with which you can create your own scripts, plug-ins or applications that work with data and algorithms WinPOS, almost any modern programming environment.

Software Mera
Digital Input Module-TNT ST-DIN18

18-channel digital input module.