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Our cores are "Silicon Proven" and have documented reports available. Our cores can be used in IBM, TSMC, and AMI processes. Our IP solutions address both functionality & reliability areas

• Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) Cores
• Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) Cores
• DC-to-DC switching converter
• Bandgap Reference (BGR) Core
• Op-amp Core
• Reliability Cores – HCI, NBTI, TDDB & Radiation tolerance

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Sentinel Silicon is a suite of patented and silicon-proven prognostic IP blocks that measure degradation in a device...


The cores provided by Ridgetop are "Silicon Proven" and have documented reports available. Ridgetop has designed...



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Ridgetop has the technical experience and proven results for critical aerospace, automotive, and semiconductor sectors. Our ADC IP library includes:
Rad-hard ADCs for aerospace and military applications
Non-rad-hard ADCs for commercial applications

InstaCell™ Ridgetop Group
Sentinel Silicon

Sentinel Silicon library includes precision measurement structures for:
TDDB - Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown
HCI - Hot Carrier Damage
NBTI - Negative Bias Temperature Instability
Radiation Damage - RadCell Fox (Field Oxide) and RadCell VT (Threshold Voltage)

Sentinel IP Solutions Ridgetop Group

Ridgetop’s audio DAC uses delta-sigma architecture. As shown in the illustration above, the DAC uses a digital interpolation filter, a digital second-order delta-sigma modulator, and a 32-tap analog reconstruction filter FIR. A fourth-order modulator is available to decrease oversampling ratio if the application requires. Applications for this core include audio commercial electronics, industrial control, and automotive.

InstaCell™ Ridgetop Group

The Ridgetop DC-DC switching converter/power supply design meets demanding requirements for size, efficiency, and voltage range, and greatly exceeds the performance of similar commercial products.

InstaCell™ Ridgetop Group