Fault Location & Recording

Digital fault recorder and dynamic monitoring system with multi functional capabilities all contained in one device. Digital fault recorder (DFR), Dynamic system monitor (DSM), Power quality monitor (PQ), Phasor measurement unit (PMU), Fault locator (impedance based) (FL), Circuit breaker monitor (CBM), Sequence of events type display (SOE)

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Comprehensive, flexible, updatable and compatible full multifunction devices.


Extreme multifunction devices that just carry on working... no matter what!


Market leading accuracy and consistent results for all types of faults.

Product Image Name Description Category Manufacturer
Upgrades-BEN 5000 to BEN 6000 Upgrade

Unique migration path to a state of the art platform
A means to upgrade a BEN 5000 to a new BEN 6000 without the need to touch field wiring.

Fault Location & Recording Qualitrol
Upgrades-IDM-E Multifunction power system monitor

Upgrade your current IDM to the most comprehensive multifunction substation monitor!
Digital Fault Recorder upgrade from IDM T3/T5 to the new IDM-E / IDM+ architecture utilising existing wiring.

Fault Location & Recording Qualitrol