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We offer data logging and monitoring solutions for measurement data acquisition and analysis, quality assurance, test bench automation, vibration measurement, remote monitoring, mobile measurement data acquisition as well as laboratory data acquisition and automation. Our solutions are being used widely in industry and academic institutions to acquire and evaluate measurement data.

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Stand-alone loggers measuring up to 6 channels The DaqLink product line consists of stand-alone data loggers...


Multi-point, online, wireless data monitoring system The DataNet wireless system is a data acquisition solution...


Accurate, portable and cable-free range of USB loggers The family of MicroLite USB data loggers includes...


8-channel, High-performance Data Logger The DaqPRO is a stand-alone, high performance data acquisition device...


Accurate environmental monitoring with user-friendly design The MicroLog product line includes a range of low-cost,...


Single-trip USB Temperature Logger The compact and easy-to-use PicoLite USB data logger provides an ideal...


A wide variety of accessories are available for use with Fourtec's data logging systems: Replacement batteries,...


Delphin products are market leaders in their applications. The ease of operation of Message and Expert devices...

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The DataNet wireless system is a data acquisition solution developed for 24/7 real-time monitoring for mission critical organizations. Boasting a variety of wireless data logger models using ZigBee RF technology, the DataNet solution is capable of measuring parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, voltage, current, or frequency. Choose from DataNet models offering up to 6 inputs or the more cost-effective single or dual input Mini DataNet range, depending on your application requirements.
Each DataNet mesh network is managed by a Receiver connected via USB to a Windows-based PC, and also supports addition of wireless Repeater units for extending the network transmission range and improving network robustness.

DataNet Fourtec
Single-trip USB Temperature Logger-PICOLITE-16K

The compact and easy-to-use PicoLite USB data logger provides an ideal solution for temperature monitoring throughout the cold chain transportation network. Combined with the Boomerang feature, an innovative solution for automatically emailing trip reports back to the shipper, the PicoLite successfully meets the challenge of combining low cost, functionality and reliability for single-trip data logging.

PicoLite Fourtec
PT-100 Temperature Probe-12753

The PT-100 temperature probe provides accurate, stable readings with fast response time over a range of -70 to 400 °C, and is well suited for a variety of temperature applications.

Accessories Fourtec
External Temperature Probe for DaqPRO-DT332

The NTC temperature probe connects to any of the eight external inputs of the DaqPRO data loggers to support measurement over a range of -50 to 150 °C.

Accessories Fourtec
Temperature Logger-DBSA710A

The DaqLink product line consists of stand-alone data loggers with USB interface, offering rich functionality in a compact size. With built-in temperature and humidity sensors, plus four external inputs each capable of measuring voltage, current, temperature, pulse and frequency, the DaqLink provides a cost-effective and accurate data logging solution for a variety of industrial applications. For continuous indoor or outdoor monitoring, the DaqLink data logger is the tool of choice.

DaqLink Fourtec
Thermocouple Type K Probe with Flat Pin Connector-50165

The Thermocouple Type K probe is a highly accurate, reliable probe for both extreme low and high temperature applications.

Accessories Fourtec
Wireless Temperature Logger-DNL910A

FDA 21 CFR Part11 Compliant

The DNL910A is a wireless temperature logger featuring one internal temperature sensor measuring between -20 and 50 °C and four external 2-wire inputs each capable of measuring temperature, voltage, current, frequency, pulse as well as dry contac

DataNet Fourtec
External Temperature Needle Probe-DT332N

The NTC temperature probe connects to the external input of the data loggers, Mini DataNet wireless temperature (DNL808A-BXT) and MicroLite external temperature LITE5032P-EXT-A to support measurement over a range of -50 to 150 °C.

Accessories Fourtec